MBTA Quincy Center Station

Address: 1300 Hancock St
Phone: (617) 222-3200
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Category: Subway
Check Ins: 16289


  • Stephen Barresi

    Many of the aliens cast in the "Men In Black" films were found at this station
  • Dom H.

    If you're coming down from a drug induced high, this is a great place to spend quality time scowling at the real world.
  • Keith Mantia

    Bring a jacket - and turn around when the train is pulling in-- blocks the gust of wind
  • Amy Szymanski

    Use the stairs instead of the escalator.
  • Dom H.

    If you need to pee, it appears that anywhere in the station environs is available for your relief.
  • Elena Kelley

    AVOID this stating between 2-4:30 on school days. The ignorant students of Quincy High and North Quincy High use this as their hangout spot.
  • Melisse Keegan

    Remember your ear buds #suckswithoutthem
  • James Orsillo

    Where handshake drug transactions are more frequent than trains.
  • Mike Mihalow

    You think the laundromat attracts scary people? QC is worse! Eeeeek!
  • Anony Mouse

    Ride the Commuter Rail into Boston South Station. Quick, civilized ride - either 1 or no stops along the way. Air conditioned comfort that beats Red Line any day if you are on schedule.
  • James Hunt

    Watch out for bums!
  • Mai Doan

    People smoke here despite the no smoking signs.
  • Nandanie Spahr

    Not too bad...although after 8PM its kinda sketchy.
  • Nick I.

    Nathans has pretty good pizza
  • Stephen Walasavage

    The garage is closed indefinitely. My theory? Fringe event.
  • Sam Wilber

    They don't like it when you try to ride on top of the subway
  • Billy Brancaccio

    Avoid it if you can
  • Meghan Gaffney

    Some of the signs for the bus signs are misleading. Catch buses to the left hand side when you exit on the left side of the station.
  • Elena Kelley

    Watch out for the people begging. Some of them don't take"no" too well. Also, it always smells like urine.
  • Dom H.

    Cigarette butts are always in great demand here. If you do see any laying on the ground, be sure to scoop them up fast so you can savour that last Marlboro moment!
  • James Jackson

    For those of you heading to Brockton. Instead of paying $2 to get on the Ashmont bus, hop on the 230 to Montello and connect to the 10/11/1 bus once you're in Brockton.
  • Tara Walsh

    Don't touch anything if you can help it especially when it rains and the place always smells like urine
  • Zoe Brookes

    Wear a raincoat in the station on rainy days, as it leaks like crazy.
  • Tatiana Arredondo

    Junkie central ... AVOID!
  • Robin Gayle

    No parking here. Ridic! Go to Quincy Adams instead
  • Kristina Attardo

    Omg this place has some sketchy people of all kinds bums addicts business men kids workers they have it all watch your step
  • Liz Mihalow

    Hold your breath if you go into the foodmart, it may be convenient but it stinks something weird!!
  • John Williams

    The corner store takes CASH ONLY
  • nikola josevski

    nice station
  • Michael Renteria

    Lookout for crazies but it's not really that bad.
  • Marc Fernandez ?

    Duplicate. Look under MBTA
  • Marianne Maguire

    watch out for some weirdo named Dave