South Shore YMCA

Address: 79 Coddington St
Phone: (617) 479-8500
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Category: Gym
Check Ins: 5792


  • Liz Mihalow

    Bring flipflops for the showers. You never know what's on those floors.
  • Eric Beato

    Arrive early for Saturday morning classes, because the parking lot is brutal.
  • Mike Mihalow

    Average age in the gym is probably 97.
  • Doug Orne

    Still great water pressure. It's a win for new facility cleanliness but an even bigger loss as one of the only area YMCAs that had a real PT hot tub decided it wasn't in there budget.
  • Catalina Perez

    The online schedule is not up-to-date :/
  • Kimberly Goza

    this Y welcomes AWAY members. good facilities showers are a bit dark though
  • Courtney Schumacher

    Love this place
  • Bill Eve

    Place is really run down. Staff are rude and don't care. For what they charge Go to a different Y or better yet, a private gym.
  • Vic Gulaty

    Hoping the facility comes up sooner. And that it will have a bigger room than the spin room we have today.
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