MBTA North Quincy Station

Address: E. Squantum St.
Phone: (617) 222-3200
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Category: Subway
Check Ins: 13792


  • Jake Smith

    Hop on an inbound train and prepare for one of the longest trips between stops on the MBTA as you travel from North Quincy to JFK/UMASS.
  • Nicholas Adam Owens

    This is the longest distance between two stops on the T.
  • Anthony Ta

    Expect "schedule adjustments" and "delayed trains".. It's a way of life on the MBTA
  • Aj Sealy

    Can you smell the mcdonalds?
  • Matt Geibel

    Don't jump on the tracks I have places to go
  • Ted Harris

    The 211 eleven is suppose to come every 15 minutes. It doesn't.
  • Aaron McCloskey

    The Shortcut to McDonalds has been closed off with a high chainlink fence.
  • Jean Yau

    There's always some kind of delay or work being done, expect those inconvenient shuttle buses from here and JFK.
  • SupahFans Streetwear

    Quincy: City of Dead Presidents, another great Massachusetts town that Boston tourists should visit for July 4th.
  • Lori Bilewicz

    Aug 2012: shuttle buses inbound to JFK
  • Osiris Implementah

    Where u can smell the McDonalds and easy girls
  • Alyxandria Carlile

    I want Chinese food now!
  • Alexandra Mottern

    Inbound: 2nd car for jfk/umass
  • Dave S

    Dear God, during the morning commute these trains are more packed than a train leaving Mumbai!
  • Jackie Mina

    Pokemon Central!! ')
  • James Jackson

    Don't be fooled by the short trips between Braintree and N. Quincy. Next stop (JFK/UMass) is 7 mins away.
  • Taylor Murphy

    unlike braintree station, you pay for parking as you enter NOT exit!
  • Aaron McCloskey

    The no cash Charlie card machines have a habit of canceling transactions on you for no reason.